Optimise your employees work stations for performance

A few simple changes at your employees work stations can ensure that they are able to perform to the best of their ability. Making sure your employees work stations are in prime condition and fit properly to the individual can also reduce costs associated with workplace injuries and aid in productivity.

Ergonomic work station solutions create a more efficient work station by providing:
•    Tips for good posture
•    Less exertion for the employee
•    Fewer motions necessary to perform tasks
•    Better heights and reaches for comfort and efficiency

Employees will feel less frustrated and fatigued from their work environments as they will require less exertion to achieve results.  Less discomfort at the work station means better staff retention, decreased sick days, improved morale and job satisfaction.

All of this translates to reduced risks associated with medical injuries in the workplace and saving your business money in the long run.  For example if your employee works at a computer screen all day long, and the height of the screen is too high or low, this can strain the neck of the employee. This employee will likely complain of headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain.  They may call in to work sick and need to see a specialist regarding their pain and attend physiotherapy to help their problem.

This clearly reduces their productivity, as well as costs your business in sick days and time off work for appointments.  Whilst this employee is at work, they may also be working at a slower pace due to the pain they are experiencing.

Getting a specialist in to attend to the ergonomics of the work station means that your employee will be less likely to suffer from neck pain and headaches, attend work more often, and of course work more efficiently.

For more serious work place injuries, if you are found at fault of negligence, you may be liable to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation of the employee, or loss of income. Having someone come in to assess your workplace shows you are taking care to ensure spaces are well designed and comfortable.  Your employees will above all see that you have their best interest in mind and this creates a good repour with upper management.

Once you begin to create a good safety culture in the workplace, it can begin to spread from the workstation to other areas of the business and become a core workplace value.

An ergonomics specialist can check, adjust, and advise on:
•    How to sit correctly on the chair, chair heights and angles, arm rests
•    Computer screen distances and heights
•    Desk heights, sizes, and shapes
•    Keyboard location and types of keyboards and mouses
•    Holding the phone and distance away from the employee
•    Where the documents are kept at the desk
•    Taking breaks, when and for how long is necessary

There may also be other elements of your business which you were not aware of that could potentially injure or effect the efficiency of your employees.  An ergonomics specialist has the experience and knowledge to spot these and advise the best course of action.

Something so small such as a change in height for your employees screen or chair can affect your business on such a large scale.  By starting with the small things you can make big differences to your employees’ health, happiness, and productivity levels.  If you require advice on the ergonomics of your office space do not hesitate to contact Active Health Promotion today for assistance or click here for more information.

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