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Healthy habits to avoid weight gain at your desk job

A desk job might sound safe for your health, but if you don’t watch your weight it may surprise you. The office lifestyle has hidden dangers, and obesity is chief amongst them. Here are a few tips to stop the office lifestyle from stretching your waistline, and to keep you feeling healthy.

Good nutrition

Good nutrition is you and your employees’ biggest ally for staying lean and healthy at your desk. A structured and complete diet will keep your immune system functioning, energy levels naturally high and sustained, and promote general wellbeing in your life.

So plan your meals for the week and promote healthy eating in the workplace. Provide a fridge or two and fill it with lean meats, leafy greens and fresh fruit and veg. Network with your local health stores and supplement shops and arrange a discount for your staff.

Hold the sugar

Cutting sugar out of your life is one of the best changes you can make to protect your health and wellbeing. It’s a leading cause in the obesity epidemic hitting modern Australian society, and dangerous for your productivity and energy levels as they become turbulent and unsustainable. Instead, rely on good nutrition and clean eating to build stable energy levels. You’ll go through a few days of withdrawal before you start to appreciate the true taste of unsweetened things. And if you learn to drink unsweetened coffee, and you’ll learn to drink good coffee.

Lunchtime workouts

Your lunch break is the perfect time for a little exercise to keep you feeling fit and healthy. A 20 minute high intensity interval workout during your lunch break will keep you burning calories for the rest of the afternoon. Follow it up with a big protein hit for muscle recovery and you will feel awake and energised for the rest of your work day.

Lose the car

Encourage your office to leave the car at home and find a more active way of getting to work. Dust off the bike and hit the cycle path, or start walking or running. You’ll arrive feeling fresh, healthy and more ready to face the day, and you’ll save in fuel and parking costs too.

Water is your friend

Sipping water all day will keep you hydrated and healthy, and it will keep you feeling full. Even mild dehydration will dampen your mood and negatively affect your ability to concentrate. You’ll also suffer an increase in your perception of task difficulty and be more prone to headaches.

Keep a bottle on your desk and drink all day – keeping it full will give you a reason to leave your desk for a quick break. And make sure it’s a glass bottle too, as plastic bottles are estrogenic and can interfere with the male endocrine system.

Don’t let your workplace be unhealthy

Call Active Health Promotion today on  1300 1 Activ (1300 122 848) for a workplace health check and keep your office in good shape or use our contact form by clicking here. You’ll love the increase in productivity from a healthy workplace.

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Adam Kelly

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