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A fit employee equals a productive employee

Corporate fitness is proving to be increasingly important in the busy and often desk-bound lives we live. Unhealthy employees can cost an average business approximately $25,000 per year.  The lack of movement in your employee’s lives can contribute to a loss of productivity and increased sick days. Luckily, corporate fitness programs can help to alleviate some of the side-effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The benefits of having fit and healthy employees include monetary savings, increased employee morale, and increased employee wellness.

Save money by providing fitness for your employees

The benefits of engaging your employees in a corporate fitness program far outweigh leaving them to continue living a sedentary lifestyle at their desks.  Pulling them away for just half an hour can truly impact on their lives as well as your profit levels.

The monetary savings you will encounter with having fit and healthy employees include:
•    A decrease in sick days
•    An increase in productivity
•    Less injuries and claims for associated medical expenses
•    Higher staff retention rates
•    An improved corporate image to attract staff

According to Healthy Workplace WA an unhealthy worker will take nine more sick days per year than a healthy worker. These nine days cost you in sick-leave and productivity.  The estimated figure for lost productivity due to obesity per year in Australia is a whopping $6.4billion.  The savings you can make just by providing a fitness program for your employees will put you ahead of the game.

A study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers found that businesses can decrease injuries and associated claims by 50% if their workers are involved in corporate wellness programs.  By keeping your employees fit and healthy, they will have the strength and stamina to go about their daily work.  A good corporate fitness program will also be able to provide education and advice about desk ergonomics and posture.

Providing a corporate fitness program can in addition help you attract and retain staff too, improving your overall corporate image.  Fitness programs are a great drawcard for attracting new hires and are seen as a great perk of the job.

Healthy employees are happy employees

Exercise releases endorphins which directly increase happiness in participants.  Your employees will be leaving fitness classes in a better mood and with a better attitude towards work.  It will also help to better the relationships that employees have with upper management and see this part of the business in a more positive light as they are being provided with a reward.

Overall, happy employees will have an increased job satisfaction and decrease in stress.  The same study by Healthy Workplace WA also reveals that a total of three days per year are lost per worker on sick days due to stress.  Exercise can guarantee less stress in your employees, and therefore reflect on these sick days taken.

Employee participation in fitness together also reinforces staff cohesion and unity in the workplace.  Working together as a team allows employees to get to know each other and bond and hence reflecting positively in the workplace.

Studies from all around the world show that businesses promoting a healthy lifestyle see higher staff retention rates than those that do not.

Employee wellness reflects on the job

The physical benefits of exercise are well documented.  Participating in corporate fitness programs boosts energy, drives focus at work, and promotes effective goal setting to cross over into the workplace.

Healthy workers are three times more productive than unhealthy workers according to a study by Medibank Private. Unhealthy lifestyle risk factors such as obesity, excess weight gain, and physical inactivity impact negatively on worker productivity.

So what is the bottom line?

The overall impact of corporate fitness activities in the workplace results in an increase in job satisfaction, health of employees, productivity, and profits for the business.

The right corporate fitness program will provide education, motivation, and consideration to your employees fitness levels. This education will cross over into their personal lives and improve a quality of lifestyle which they will surely appreciate their employer for.  If you require advice on what kind of corporate fitness program will suit your business, contact Active Health Promotion today and we will be happy to assess your business.

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