What direction will fitness be heading in 2015

Hi all and welcome to 2015, I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and still managed to fit in some exercise in between eating, drinking and catching with friends and family.

Our first blog of 2015, this blog we are looking at what direction the fitness industry may be heading in. I hope you enjoy

What direction can we see fitness going in 2015?

This year fitness is not going to be all about getting a set of abs and doing extensive cardio to lose weight rapidly. It’s not going to be all about extreme makeovers and fast results. 2015 is the year of health and well-being, and making sure that you are getting fit and healthy the right way not the fast way. Active Health Promotion has been focused on improving your silhouettes and encouraging healthy weight loss for a long time now and we believe 2015 is the year for this technique to really shine.

Two trends in particular, also picked up by the Daily News are zoning in on improved posture, a more balanced lifestyle, and body equilibrium. These can be achieved with steady body weight training, functional training, and ergonomic assessments of the workplace.

Weight training

Many align weight training with that of body builders and fitness fanatics. However weight training is a great exercise technique for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Weight training covers use of one’s own body as resistance, and also includes light and heavy weights to lift. It can also involve simply lifting weights using the correct posture and technique, to utilising resistance bands, and different exercises such as lunges or squats. The possible moves and exercises are endless.

Weight training is coming into its own in 2015 as it can help with strengthening the back, posture, and balance of the body. This is especially important for those working in an office environment as sitting for long periods of time can impact negatively on posture and lumbar support. And of course, there is the adage that building muscle helps to sculpt the body better than cardio alone, and also burns more energy for longer.

Many businesses signing up their employees for personal training or group fitness classes in 2015 will find that weight training will become an integral part of the exercise regime. As well as a variety of other exercises focused on posture and balance in order to create a stronger and more aligned body.

Functional training

Functional training is a term coming into the spotlight, it focuses less on strength or cardio and fitness levels, and more on creating balance between muscles and joints. The aim of functional training is to develop better posture, correct bad habits, and increase ones flexibility and balance. And this of course flows back into ergonomics in the office, to help employees correct how they perform their work, in turn reducing injury, sickness, days off, and increasing productivity.

These types of exercises flow back into the workspace, with short breaks, stretching, and ongoing posture techniques encouraged.

Ergonomic assessment

A thorough ergonomic assessment of your workspace can help to create a much more productive result for your office. Ailments such as back pain and wrist cramps can be reduced just by making a few subtle changes for your employees. A few tweaks can help reduce days off, compensation claims, sickness, and long term damage to employees.

Elements such as seating, chairs, screen positions, screen heights, breaks, and keyboards should be inspected by a professional regularly to ensure your employees are not at risk. When employees are taken care of, the overall effect and atmosphere in the office is always positive.

If you are interested in an ergonomic assessment, fitness program, or health assessment for yourself or your workplace don’t hesitate to contact Active Health Promotion today. Call us on 1300ACTIV or complete our quick online form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!

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